We offer installation, repair and maintenance services for all major household, office, and commercial appliances. Our service technicians are fully licensed, friendly, efficient and competent. Contact us today, we're available around the clock.


Installation . Repair . Maintenance


Installation . Repair . Maintenance


Installation . Repair . Maintenance


Installation . Repair . Maintenance

Central Vacuum

Installation . Repair . Maintenance


Installation . Repair . Maintenance



We charge fair fees and provide quality service. There is no hiden fees and no base diagnosis fee. Since every problem requires a unique solution contact us with a brief description of your need and you will receive a competitive fair service price.


"Our Bosch dishwasher suddenly started leaking within a week of it running out of warranty. After spending ours on the phone with Bosch we got no where. We contacted Mast Choice Appliance Services and William was pleased to take on the challenge and fix our dishwasher saving us a lot of money. Thank you William!"


"My good old GE washer started making weird noise and wouldn't clean cloths properly. I was happy to find Master Choice repair services locally as they fixed my washer within the same day I called."


"I had a water pipe leak and damage the electronics board of my LG Dryer. William at Master Choice was able to replace a few electronic components and restore my LG Dryer to its full functionality. This saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks a bunch William!!"


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